Composers survey launches today

All ‘beyond-tune’ traditional music composers living in Scotland* are invited to contribute to the survey at

The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and will be live for one week, closing 31st August 2021 at 23:59.

Our current working definition of ‘beyond tune’ is a musical composition:

  • Created by a traditional musician living in Scotland* [for the purposes of this research]
  • Composed for music performance or listening (e.g. not scores for radio, tv, film or theatre)
  • Composed for any instrumentation (or voice) but often with a traditional/folk element
  • Approximately 8 minutes or longer OR, if shorter in length, innovates significantly from the conventions of traditional music (this could include free improvisation or technology-enhanced music).
  • NOT a conventional set of tunes or traditional/folk song

E.g. A large portion of Celtic Connections New Voices or Distil Showcase commissions are considered ‘beyond tune’.

Composers can also register their beyond-tune compositions to the New Traditional School database for potential inclusion in what is intended to become a national collection/archive. Register your compositions here: (or using the tab above).

*Who lived in Scotland when they composed the composition or who contributed to one of the commissioning strands in Scotland e.g. Celtic Connections New Voices, Distil Showcase or a festival commission performed in Scotland.