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Reel – Gentle Milkmaid


Reel – Mo

Jig – Stool of Repentance

1. In this example, recorded in 1956, Willie Fraser (mouth organ) and Charlie Bremner (fiddle) play ‘The Stool of Repentance’ with two other jigs (‘The One-horned Sheep’ and ‘The Athole Highlanders’). Can you hear which note has changed in the third bar of the melody? Stool of Repentance (set of three jigs)

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2. Here, recorded in 1952, John Grant discusses the old way people used to hold the fiddle; against the chest below the shoulder. He then plays  ‘The Stool of Repentance’ on the fiddle to illustrate the style.  Old fiddle style & Stool of Repentance


3. This is how the tune might have sounded in the 1700s in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. The tune (with variations) was written down in a manuscript by William Dixon in 1733 to be played on Border pipes (his manuscript is now available to buy as a tune book).

Jig – Rolling Wave

Here Kevin Burke teaches The Rolling Waves on fiddle.